Speziale Moyn Moyn Festival by Pedro Encanta Speziale Moyn Moyn Festival by Blackwork Speziale Moyn Moyn by Pedro Encanta

Photos: Pedro Encanta, Vincent Schaak


Moyn Moyn


Concept, Stage Design, Lighting, Production & Booking




2017 & 2018

The Story

Over the course of two years Speziale evolved from a post-apocalyptic settlement built from the remains of a plane crash to a fully grown city and became an immersive 360° dancefloor version of Palapa.

The visitors to Speziale would enter the city through the gates of a 20 m wide bridge. When standing in the center of the plaza, one was completely surrounded by up to three-story high buildings and people dancing on various platforms creating a submersive atmosphere. With the help of the design and composition, the floor became an alternate reality that allowed the crowd to travel to a different place that was until then only imaginable in their minds.

The crowd could not only admire the stage design, but they could actually enter into it. Buildings were accessible and were crowded with people, blurring the line between art installation, performative theatre and a living city. It was in fact possible for the crowd to completely emerge themselves in the environment and forget they were in an orchard on a rural farm in northern Germany.

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Photos: Danilo Roesger, Blackwork, Pedro Encanta


Photo: Blackwork

Photos: Danilo Roesger, Blackwork, Fjóla Firlefanz


Photo: Blackwork

in cooperation with

Moyn Moyn Festival
Kiara Watermeyer
Stefan Kolbe | Subport


Laya Ghane (LAYAGH)


Dennis Grupe

Photo Credits

Danilo Roesger
Vincent Schaak
Pedro Encanta
Fjóla Firlefanz

Video Credits

Adriaan Kamphuis