About You Pangea


Concept, Stage Design, Build & Production




2020 & ongoing

The Concept

Crafting tomorrow’s festival experiences with sustainable design, the Future Nomad Stage fuses modular ingenuity with recyclable materials, setting the stage for both breathtaking performances and eco-conscious innovation.

Designed for the beachfront of About You Pangea Festival, the “Future Nomad Stage” epitomizes a synergy of form and function, reminiscent of both the iconic palm trees that fringe the shores and the mesmerizing shape of a triangular tunnel. Beyond its evocative design, the stage stands as a versatile beacon โ€“ whether illuminating the shores as a DJ’s paradise, serving refreshing beverages as a vibrant bar, or acting as an enlightening forum for talks, workshops, and presentations. It’s more than just a stage: it’s an adaptable hub for a festival’s diverse events and activities. Crafted from resilient steel, plywood, and luminous acrylic, the modular design not only offers flexibility across the festival grounds but also reflects the nomadic spirit of the modern festival-goer โ€“ ever-moving, ever-evolving, and ever-inspired.

The Future is Modular

In an era pressing for sustainability, the Future Nomad Stage stands as a prime example. It’s modular design, comprised of 12 units, ensures that it can be reused and repurposed for various events, thereby reducing waste and the need for different setups. Not only does this mean less material consumption, but it also translates to cost savings for festival organisers.

Beyond its modular benefits, the materials chosen for construction further bolster the stage’s sustainable credentials. Steel, plywood, and acrylic, while durable and functional for the stage’s design, are also fully recyclable. Should there ever come a time when the stage has served its purpose, every material can be returned to the production cycle, ensuring minimal environmental impact and preventing unnecessary landfill waste.

With the added benefit of being transportable within a container, the stage promotes a reduced carbon footprint. Every part has been meticulously designed to be part of a larger sustainable vision, proving that art and environmental responsibility can indeed coexist.

Built for Light: Day-to-Night

The brilliance of the Future Nomad Stage lies in its play with light. By day, the stage is an illuminated marvel, thanks to acrylic shutters that capture sunlight, turning it into an ethereal dance of colors within. By night, the stage evolves into a radiant beacon, casting a mesmerizing aura to its surroundings. The integration of welded 50mm pipes inside the structure makes it a versatile canvas for lighting fixtures, eliminating the need for external trusses and maintaining the stage’s sleek look. The strategic positioning of the stage to face the sunset not only leverages the natural beauty of Pangea but also turns the stage into an irresistible photo point, beckoning festival-goers for that perfect #sunsetporn shot.

By crafting a stage that is as sustainable as it is enchanting, the Wanderzirkus collective brings to life the ethos of the Future Nomad – always moving forward, but with a keen eye on the past and the world around.

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